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Anais Stupka is a London-based, Georgian-Italian multimedia artist who grew up in 14 different parts of the world. At age 12 she became the youngest winner of the World Photography Awards, shortlisted for that award for a second time in 2020 & started working in the world of the arts & activism from a very young age. She was always driven by her sense of wonders, curiosity and deep resonance with the beauty of life. Celebrating life through storytelling and image making; with all its depths, simplicity, light & shadows is what inspires her to work. She believes that true beauty just comes in our truths. That life isn’t about being good, or bad, right, or wrong - but to simply be true to who we are & honoring it deeply. Her photography and artworks shine light on the truth of people, life, circumstance, stories, communities- & through it she hopes whoever is in front of her camera knows that they are loved. That they can feel how the more true they are to themselves, the more love cannot help but to flow right back to them.