Naomi and Patricia are two most recent Say it Loud Club members to have received the incredible news that they have been granted the right to remain in the UK!

The decision was made based on the young couple’s LGBTQ+ status and the danger that any alternative decision would mean for them. This is life changing news for this couple who have been waiting and uncertain of their future for the past 3 years in temporary accommodation in various parts of the UK.

Although they still have a long way to go in healing from the profound trauma of their experiences this means that they now have freedom to live in safety and authentically LGBTQ+ women, knowing their lives are no longer in danger. They now have the chance to slowly start to rebuild their lives and work towards their studies and achieving their goals - Naomi as an environmental scientist and conservationist and Patricia as a counseling Psychologist.

Naomi and Patrica, like most of the asylum seekers who come to Say it Loud Club in urgent need of assistance, are now proud Ambassadors for the charity, volunteering time to give back and guide and emotionally support the newcomers welcomed by the charity on a daily basis. We stand with you!!