Say It Loud's vision is for a country in which LGBTQ+ asylum seekers are afforded the rights and specialist support necessary for them to build new lives in the UK, free from the trauma of their past. In order achieve our vision, Say It Loud Club provides social, emotional, educational, and advocacy support. Their key activities include:

  • Monthly workshops with external speakers, on topics ranging from mental health to seeking employment
  • Regular social events and activities to reduce social isolation and build links with local communities
  • One-to-one mentoring and advice from people with lived experience of similar issues
  • Partnership with external organisations who can support members with housing, legal, health or financial matters
  • Emotional support and expert advocacy throughout the immigration process, including tribunals

It's still illegal to be in a same-sex relationship in 70 countries. Every year, 1800 LGBTQ+ people arrive in the UK fleeing abuse, imprisonment, and fear of death because of their gender identity or sexual orientation.

'Being comfortable in expressing our LGBTQ identity is one of the hardest challenges we face when first arriving to the UK. We must be confident in talking about it to Immigration Officers so that we can apply for asylum. But have spent our whole lives hiding who we are, so suddenly being able to live freely is a big adjustment!'